Cayman Brac 2005
Underwater Phantaseas Dive Trip

I went on another dive trip with my SCUBA shop to the beautiful island of Cayman Brac. The Brac is located about 90 miles east of Grand Cayman and about 5 miles east of Little Cayman.

Cayman Brac is about 12 miles long and 1 mile wide. At the east end of the island are rock bluffs, which are about 140-160 feet above the sea. Contained in these rock bluffs are caves, which are used as shelter when there are hurricanes in the area.

The weather started out rainy, but cleared up to a nice week of sun and diving. The island is fringed with coral reefs, but just past the reefs is a drop-off that reaches depths of over 6000 feet. There are a few wrecks nearby, and we dove two of them - the M/V Tibbets and the Cayman Mariner.