Key West Trip - [April 2008]

This is the main page for our Key West trip we took in April 2008. We flew to Miami, then tool a propeller plane to Key West.

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We stayed in Old Town - the original section of Key West - right on busy Duval Street at the La Conchita Hotel. Duval Street is the busiest in Key West, and people walk up and down the street, shopping, sightseeing and partying.

Residents who live here are known as "Conches" (pronounced 'Konk') and the Keys in general is sometimes referred to as the "Conch Republic."

I did some diving, but not too much since the sites were only so-so. The rest of the time Tracie and I did some sightseeing, shopping ad relaxing. Some of the things we did were:

Check out the picures to see some of the things we did there.