Maui Trip - [May 2007]

This is the main page for our Maui trip we took in May 2007. Our destination: Maui Island of the Hawaiian Island chain. We were able to fly to the airport in Kahului with a stop in Los Angeles on the trip out.

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The west and south sides of the island is dry and hot. These areas do not receive much rain, so most of the resorts are located in these areas. South Maui is more accurately located as South-Central Maui, but South Maui is what you will read and hear from most sources. West Maui contains the old whaleling town of Lahaina plus the Kaanapali Beach area.

The other side of the island, however, gets a lot of rain. The city of Hana can get up to 300 inches of rain a year! One of the most beautiful drives in the world is the Road to Hana, which takes over 3 hours from the airport (one way). This twisting, narrow road winds along the northern coast of the island, and drivers usually stop along the way to view the rugged coastline and the various waterfalls along the way.

Maui is composed of two volcanoes that eventually spewed enough lava to form an isthmus between the two. The largest, Haleakala, is over 10,000 feet high, and visitors usually drive to the summit to view the sunrise. This volcano is part of the National Parks system.