Maui 2007 Trip - [Glossary / Dictionary]

The contents of this page used Maui Revealed as a source for the Hawaiian Language information presented here.

Hawaiian Alphabet

'a glottal or hard stop in the pronounciation of a word
Apronounced as in Ah if stressed, or above if not stressed
Epronounced as in say if stressed, or dent if not stressed
Hpronounced as an H in English
Ipronounced as in bee
Kpronounced as a K in English
Lpronounced as a L in English
Mpronounced as a M in English
Npronounced as an N in English
Opronounced as in nose
Ppronounced as a P in English
Upronounced as in stew
Woften pronounced as a V if it is the middle of a word and comes after an E or I

Hawaiian Words

Hawaiian WordProunciationMeaning/Definition
A'aah-ahA type of lava that is sharp and very rough
Akamaiah-kah-MYWise or shrewd
Ali'iah-LEE-eeA Hawaiian chief; a member of the chief class
Alohaah-LOW-haHello, goodbye or a feeling or spirit of love or affection
Halahah-laPandanus tree
Halehah-lehHouse or building
Hana houha-nah-HOTo do again
Haolehow-lehOriginally foreigner, now means Caucasian
Heiauhey-ee-owHawaiian temple
Hulahoo-lahThe story-telling dance of Hawai'i
Imuee-mooAn underground oven
'Inikiee-nee-keeSharp and piercing wind (as in Hurricane 'Iniki)
Kahunakah-HOO-nahA priest or minister; an expert in a profession
KaikighThe sea
KaluaKAH-loo-ahCooking for underground
Kama'ainakah-ma-EYE-naLong-time Hawai'i resident
Kanekah-nehBoy or man
Kapukah-pooForbidden, taboo; keep out
Keikikay-keyChild or children
Konakoh-NAHLeeward side of the island
Kuleanakoo-leh-AH-nahConcern, responsibility or jurisdiction
Lanailah-NIGHPorch, veranda, patio
Lanilah-neeSky or heaven
LeilayNecklace of flowers, shells or feathers
Liliko'ilee-lee-koyPassion fruit
Limulee-mooEdible seaweed
Lomilow-meeTo rub or massage
Lu'ahloo-owHawaiian feast; literally means taro leaves
Mahalomah-hah-lowThank you
Makaimah-kighToward the sea
Malihinimah-lee-hee-neeA newcomer, visitor or guest
Maukamow-kaToward the mountain
Naninah-neeBeautiful, pretty
Neneneh-nehHawaiian goose; the Hawaiian State Bird
Nuinew-eeBig, important, great
'Onooh-noDelicious, the best
Palipah-leeA cliff
Pahoehoepah-ho-ee-ho-eeA type of lava that is smooth and ropy
Paniolopah-nee-OH-lowHawaiian cowboy
PaupowFinish, end; pau hana
PoipoyPounded kalo (taro) that forms a paste
Ponopoh-noGoodness, excellence, correct, proper
Pupupoo-pooAppetizer, snacks or finger food
WaiwhyFresh water
Wikiwikiwee-kee-wee-keeTo hurry up, very quick

An Example of a long Hawaiian word

Hawaiian State Fish:
Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (hoo-moo hoo-moo noo-koo noo-koo ah-poo ah-ah)